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Please call the Agency Miss Sonja Hartwig or Miss Nicole Schichl

Our Registration Process for Candidates. AOG - Agency without froniers, (Agentur ohne Grenzen) we work closely with
you to find you the ideal job, to suit your level of experience and qualifications, your skills and your expectations. In order to register with us you need. Our office hours are on monday through thursday from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs, and on friday from 10:00 to 14:00.
Yours sincerely
Nicole Schichl & Sonja Hartwig    

We are a international Agency for Domestic Staff. Butlers, Valets, Major-Domus, Housekeeper, Privatsekretary, Pilots, Nannies, Childs Nurse, Gouverness, Nurse for the elderly, Chefs, Personal Assistants, Gardeners, Chauffeurs Estate Managers and couples, Established in Munich for over 25 years the AOG domestic staff recruitment agency has a reputation both amongst our clients and our staff, which is second to none.
In addition, please mail us your complete job application including your CV plus photo, as well as our job interview printed out in pdf and completed, and the contract with our agency signed by you, by regular mail.

                95% of our staff placements are successfull

All our domestic staff candidates will have been interviewed by our Consultants

in the office. 95% of our staff placements are successful. However we safeguard our clients' interests by offering a 12 month period. Should problems arise during this time we provide either a replacement.

A.O.G Domestic Staff aim to offer clients a personal, bespoke service by locating and offering the best possible, long serving, highly skilled household staff, ranging from live in Housekeeping Jobs to first class Butlers, Chefs, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers, Gardeners and Chauffeurs. To this end our guarantee period is offered on all staff introduced by us, and we maintain contact throughout the trial period to ensure the successful placement of new candidates.

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